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Fermoyle National School, Lanesboro, Co. Longford

New Pupil Information

General Routines


Official school opening time. Prior to this time the Board of Management does not take responsibility for the children and so they should be supervised by parents. Children line up in class lines, Senior Classes normally have a kick around with the ball on days when their class is on the Astro Pitch for breaks.

Please encourage your child to come into the school on his/her own as soon as possible as this encourages independence.

9:25am Classes begin.

Children should be in class and starting their activities for the day by 9:25. Latecomers miss out on daily activities which are a very important part of their educational development.

11.00am Snack and playtime.

We actively encourage the children to eat a healthy lunch and we would encourage you to help with this.  Lunch is available free to order but if your child is bringing lunch from home, please give your child a sandwich/fruit/vegetables/cheese or any other healthy foods. (we are a nut free zone)

Water is the preferred drink in Fermoyle N.S.  (No glass bottles and no hot drinks).

Each classroom has a water filter. Children are supplied with a reusable water beaker.


Lunch and outdoor play. The children are supervised while at play. The playground is divided into areas and each class is on a rotation.


School ends for Junior /Senior infants and the children are brought to the door by their teachers. Always inform the teacher and office is your child is being collected by another adult and leave their contact number with the teacher/office.

3.00pm   School ends for children in 1st-6th class.

Children exit the building by themselves.

                                                          General Notes


Please make sure that your child is wearing the correct uniform, as it can be upsetting for them if they are not.

Your child’s name should be written clearly on all jumpers, coats etc.

School Uniform requirements:

  • Navy skirt/pinafore/trousers/shorts worn with white or light blue/ blouse, shirt or polo shirt.
  • School jumper, with school crest (please contact the Parents Association). We have a lost property box which always contains an array of jumper sizes.
  • Runners or shoes that are secure with good grip soles. (all children get a chance to climb and balance on the equipment in our agility course)


Your child needs a warm coat/raincoat for outdoor play. Please try to make sure that your child knows how to take off and put on his/her own coat. Please mark your child’s school jacket clearly.  Hats, scarves and gloves need to be clearly marked with your child’s name. (your child needs to look after their own belongings)

School bags

Your child’s schoolbag should be large enough to hold an A4 sized book.


Please check your child’s schoolbag regularly for letters/notes from the school.

School books

Workbooks, books, pencils and art supplies are all kept in the school and sent home, as necessary. Please mark each book with your child’s name.


Classrooms are well equipped, so the children do not need to bring toys to school. Please leave them at home unless specifically requested by teacher for an activity/project/special treat.


The children may be brought on school trips during the year. This may be to a farm/theatre/park etc. You will be asked for written consent and will be given information prior to trips.

Birthday Cards

We do not permit the handing out of birthday invitations or cards in school. 

Learning Difficulties

The teachers will monitor your child’s progress and if they have any concerns, they will make you aware of them. However, if you have any concerns or are worried that your child is experiencing difficulties with schoolwork please do let us know as soon as possible. We will work together to make the best possible provision for your child.

Different Teachers

Your child may be involved with other teachers during the school year. We often break the children into smaller groups for Literacy and Numeracy activities. Your child’s class teacher may also be involved in extra training and your child may have a substitute teacher. Plans are draw up for these occurrences so that there is continuity of Learning.



Medical care

The HSE for this area administers vaccinations at various times during the children’s time at school. You will receive a consent form before the vaccinations are done. The HSE also does screening tests for vision. You will receive a consent form before this can be done.

The school authorities administer basic first aid as required for cuts, bruises etc. We will call a parent if we have any concerns about a child’s health.

School Insurance

The children are insured while in school and on school activities/trips during school time.

Questions or worries

The teachers and Principal are here to support you in the education of your child. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. However please be understanding and do not take the teacher’s attention from the children in order to talk to you; instead see the teacher at the end of class time, schedule an appointment by emailing/phoning the office. Parent/ Teacher meetings are held in early November each year. Each pupil receives a written progress report at the end of June each year.

What you need to do if your child is absent from school.

If your child must stay at home from school, you are required to submit a written note/letter or send an email explaining the reason.  There are templates in the end of the homework journals 1st-6th class. This applies whether your child is sick, at medical or dental appointments, on holidays or at family events or any other reason. It applies even if your child only misses one day.

Under the Education (Welfare) Act the school must keep a record of a child’s absences.

.You are also reminded that if a child misses 20 or more days from school, the Principal must submit the child’s name and address to the National Education Welfare Board. Please make every effort to have your child at school every day.

Online Payments

We will have an online payment system which allows you to pay for book rental, school tours, buses etc.  online.  You will receive a text informing you of any payment due and a link to click on, to make payment.

Our Office

Our secretary, Emer works part-time Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At other times, the office phone is on answer machine. If you leave a message or email us we will make contact with you as soon as possible.