The Student Council was established in 2020.

The aim of our student council is to give our students a voice and involve them in the decision making process in our school.

Children on the council will develop many skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving, communication, planning and organisational skills. This will also teach them how democracy works.

We hold several council meetings every term so the student council can share the opinions and ideas of their classmates. The student council will also help committees such as Active Schools and Green Schools to help achieve all our school goals..

Two children are selected from each class to be members of the student council for the school year. Members are changed every school year.

The student council is an important part of our school and an important role for our students. It will help to improve our school environment and the quality of school life for all pupils and staff.


****** Here is our student council Covid 19 journal. ***********

Student council 2020 Covid 19.