Our Mission

Fermoyle National School is a Catholic school which nurtures a positive, co-operative educational environment.  An awareness and appreciation of the Irish culture permeates the school curriculum and a responsibility of civic responsibility. The family, the school, the teachers, the Board of Management and the local community form a social continuum and provide a context of social interaction in which the child’s development takes place. Fermoyle N.S. as an organisation, is cognisant of and responsive to the school environment and community.

Our Aims

  1. To enable our pupils to have full lives as children
  2. To equip them to avail themselves of further education
  3. To prepare them to live full and useful lives as adults in society

The Golden Rules

Be Gentle Don’t hurt anyone
Be kind and helpfulDon’t hurt people’s feelings
Be honest Don’t cover up the truth
Work hard Don’t waste time
Look after propertyDon’t waste or damage things or take things that don’t belong to you
Listen to peopleDon’t interrupt